• Image of SALE! Soy Candle Tins 2oz
  • Image of SALE! Soy Candle Tins 2oz
  • Image of SALE! Soy Candle Tins 2oz
  • Image of SALE! Soy Candle Tins 2oz

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Artisan Hand Poured 2oz Soy Scented Candle Travel Tins are created with creamy soy wax, fragrance, fab art & love!

"Absinthe Crow" lid art was drawn by Kasey Williford & inked by KaydieMarie. Once the candle is fully used these awesome art tins can be used to store trinkets. No glues are used to fix the wick down so it's easy to clean & re-purpose (Don't immerse tin art in water.) Tin dimensions approx. 2" round, 1 1/2" tall with lid on.

-Spring & Summer Scents-

STRAWBERRY CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW: Light & airy chocolate chip cookies with a hint of yummy strawberry & marshmallow.

-Autumn & Winter Scents-

AMARETTO TODDY BISCOTTI: Bright, warm & creamy blend of cherries, vanilla & almonds!

CARAMELIZED PRALINES: Toasty pecans soaked in sticky sweet dark brown sugars and buttery vanilla caramel.

HONEY MILK CHAI: Spicy ginger chai blended with milk & honey.

MOCHA DREAM: Rich, dark mocha with a swirl of marshmallow.

PUMPKIN PIE: Delicious pumpkin pie overflowing with cinnamon, clove, ginger and a hint of apple. Sassy, spicy & warm.


  • Amaretto Toddy Biscotti
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  • Honey Milk Chai
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  • Mocha Dream
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  • Pumpkin Pie
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  • Strawberry Chocolate Marshmallow
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