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1/28 Happy New Year! Sorry I've been closed up. I'll be adding new items over the next few weeks. Something new that I was working on for a long time and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. <3 I'll give you a hint-- Essence of Valentine's Day


01/23 Hello! Update on the soy wax situation: I'm not liking the recommended soy wax replacements and will be stopping candles altogether until I find a comparable replacement.

Meanwhile, I'm expanding the bath goods starting with my favorite chocolate filled holiday, Valentine's Day! Roses, chocolates, toasty cafes & a trio of icy legends.

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12/03 Brrrr... we finally jumped from Summer to Winter and it's time to hang twinkie lights to warm and brighten it up in here.

I'll only be adding 1 more candle scent before the New Year. The amazing soy wax I use(d) is discontinued which means I'm experimenting with replacements. I expect to have new amazing scents this January and encourage you to get on my mailing list so you're in the know. Sign up here: KaydieMarieArt Email UpDates!

Please don't forget to place your order before Dec 12th to ensure arrival before Christmas! xoxo


11/08 November scents will be released mid month. It feels like the weather has jumped from Summer to Winter and Seasons are a little confused. Hrm.


10/ 25 Hi! Posted out my 2nd TinyLetter sharing my Watch-Before-Halloween 2017 list. What would be your 13 Must-Watch-Before-Halloween?

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September 2017

09/28 October is almost here-- I'm starting to add Halloween and Autumn scents and many are inspired by my favorite October books starting with Ray Bradbury's Halloween Tree & Something Wicked This Way Comes. When I was pouring my Tom Skelton candle I realized the scent matched Will Holloway & Joe Nightshade. Same with Pipkin. I may have to pour a few more...

09/06 It still feels like Summer here although I'm told that Autumn is what season we're in. It doesn't feel like it to me so I've been dragging my feet on the Autumny, Halloweeny scents so far BUT after playing with them for a few days I'm happy to say that I'll be adding new goodies with pumpkin SOON. Vague but still an update-- sign up for my occasional e-mail for a jump on the Spooky Goodies : KaydieMarieArt Email UpDates!

xoxo >^_^<

August 2017

08/20 So we have 11 days left of August which means Autumn scents & Halloween goodies will be in soon! xoxo

June 2017

06/20 I'm sooooo not a Summer heat fan. We've had a heat wave here and I'm thinking it's not a good idea to ship the lip balms & butters during the Summer. Maybe there's a solution that won't cause shipping to raise too much? I'll check into that...

May 2017

05/01 Happy May! From now until the last day of my wonderful birthday month I'll randomly mark my favorite items down 50% off. No codes necessary because I already adjusted the price. >^__^<

I'm kicking off the 50% off sale with my awesome little $6 2oz candle tins! Grab them before they're gone because these are the last of this round and not all scents will be back!

xoxo KM

April 2017

04/23 Hi! I'll be adding more bubbles, balms & crystals through out May. I'm working on designs for new candle packaging and am having trouble settling on a theme. o_O It would probably be easier if I settled on a font/ color palette / style for packaging as a whole.

January 2017

Happy Fire Rooster New Year!

ALL Lip & Candle Tins are 50% OFF with checkout code: NEWYEARSALE

xoxo Kaydie Marie

December 2016

12/28 Happy New Year! ALL Lip & Candle Tins are 50% OFF with checkout code: NEWYEARNEWTIN

12/20 Happy Winter Solstice! I'm closing for a few and when I return the BoGo Candle Tin sale will begin! >^_^< Hope you're keeping warm. xoxo ~K

12/09 Hello! Please order Christmas giftables before the 14th to ensure on time delivery.

October 2016

10/31 Pssst... Trick or Treat goodie bags are finding their way into orders from NOW until I run out! >^__^< Happy Halloween Ghouls & Boils!

10/11 Hello! Kappa ornaments are up! I also added 2 new yummy flavors of lip balm Orange Chocolate and Sugar Bean Sweet Dream (marshmallows & cotton candy) Both flavors come in 1/2oz tins and look fabulous!


09/29 Welcome! I'm open! >^__^< Apparently I didn't get photos of the Marshmallow Fox print or the cauldrons so I'm going to go do that!

09/22 Hello, hello! How was your Summer?

New arrivals land on September 29th! I'm excited about the new scents and designs-- I'm sure you'll dig them too. >^__^<

I'm going to go pour another yummy scent & I hope to see you soon!

JUNE 2016

06/14 Have a great Summer! I'll see you in Fall! >^__^<

06/05 Hello! I'm closing up shop for the summer but before I do I'm having an awesome sale you won't want to miss. Check it out and snag those pretties because not all will be back in Autumn!

xoxo ~K

MARCH 2016

Hello! Hello! How is 2016 treating you so far?

Redbubble is giving us 20% off our range of Absinthe Crow goodies-- use the code: BUNNY20 at checkout. It's kinda hidden at the bottom left during the last step of checkout. I almost missed it when I ordered my mini tote >^__^< I'm not sure how long the code lasts so get on it and get your Absinthe Crow!

New candle scents will be posted this Friday so don't miss out! The house smells amazing with the yummy scents from the last few days.

December 2015

12/13 Free Shipping on $30+ Code: FREESHIP30

xoxo Kaydie Marie

P.S. orders placed after Dec. 13th may not arrive by Dec. 25th. <3

12/09 Please order by Dec. 12th if you want your baubles by Dec. 25th.

November 2015

-11/16 Hello! I'll be listing ornaments, stocking stuffers & small gifts on both here and Etsy this holiday season. There will be OOAKs (one of a kinds) listed on both sites and although I haven't had it happen yet *knocks on wood* double selling may happen. I'm sorry but if an item is double sold I will have to cancel the later transaction.

If you want prints please check out my small selections wood or traditional

Hope you're staying warm-- here in CA,  Summer overstayed it's welcome until Halloween and then suddenly: "BAM! Here's a rain storm, I'm out!" Big weather change in a matter of days... the cats and I had a hard time adjusting. >^__^<

I'll update again soon but for more up to date updates please visit my facebook (don't forget to like my page!) and pinterest. See you around the interwebs! ~KaydieMarie

September 2015

-09/12 Hello! Autumn fun is starting to arrive-- today I'm adding Cute versions of the Halloween Bat ornaments. These cuties are too much fun. Foxes and owls are on the way along with Halloween trees, Sugarbean witches & spooky creatures!

August 2015

-08/26 Hello! 3 bats will be added this upcoming week-- Each bat is hand stitched and has gorgeous hand painted eyes. Don't miss out on these adorable critters! 

July 2015

-07/03 During checkout use code FREESHIP20 & receive FREE shipping on orders of $20+

Hope you're keeping cool! <3

June 2015

-06/26 Tooth Fairy Pillows are in the shop! There's 6 left-- maybe all 12 will have new homes by this weekend. That would be amazing. :) Thank you so much! 

-06/21  I just finished stitching the last of the "Tooth Fairy Helpers." >^__^< Super happy with how they came out. I posted pics over on FB & Pinterest and would love to hear what you think. These cuties go "Live" midnight PST June 25th!

-06/ 08 Mark your calender for June 25th! I will be listing 12 OOAK plush "Tooth Fairy Helpers" and then that's it for plushies this year!

-06/05 Hello! I'm halfway through making the dozen "Tooth Fairy Helper" pillows. Please be patient, I have to give my hands a rest before jumping back in and hand-sewing the remaining 6. I've updated the FB & the Pinterest with pictures of the cuties. I'm hoping to have them all done and up in the shop by the 25th of June. These are the only plushies I'm doing this year so don't miss out! >^_^<

May 2015

-05/30 Pre-Orders on Shimmer Red & Rose barrettes are open until June 1st. It takes average 3-4 days for the paint to fully dry and set.
They're sleek & look amazing. Don't miss out!

-05/06 Hi! *waves* I'll be adding a few new baubles this week and then I'm back to working on cute plushies, painting, so many new ideas... I'm going into "create mode" but I'll still be checking e-mail, messages, orders, etc. twice a day. :) I'll also post updates & sneeky peeks on FB.

April 2015

-04/18 Hi! Mother's Day is on May 10th-- be sure to place your order before May 1st to ensure it arrives on time. Also, from today until April 30th you'll receive a FREE Nom Nom Lip Balm with your order! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

-04/05 There's FREE worldwide shipping at KaydieMarieArt on Society6 until 04/12! Woo! Free shipping on Marshmallow Fox and Muse prints!

-04/02  The "Happy Pills" OOAK (one of a kind) magnets will be available at 8pm pst. There's only 11 of these cuties so if you see one you want GET IT NOW. :)

March 2015

-03/10  Putting together mystery envelopes this week. :)  There's a handful of postcard envelopes, up-cycled magnet envelopes and up-cycled accessory envelopes. I'll post pic updates and sneak peeks on FaceBook later this week.

-03/01 Happy March! Over at Society6 there's FREE worldwide shipping! This is where I have my larger prints made of my Fox, Owls and Muses :)

February 2015

-02/28 Hello! Do you like Mystery Bags and Boxes? I do. We're gathering up already released and brand new designs to put together by style. I'm especially excited about the Upcycled OOAK boxes!  

Have a great weekend! >^_^<

-02/25 3 days left before "Tainted Love Hearts" and Sweets are gone over at the etsy formerly known as WellLovedMemories

It would be great to see all the baubles go to new homes so to sweeten your purchase you also get FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on purchases of $15+ at my etsy. (During checkout use code FREESHIP15 exp. Feb 28th.)

-02/12 Happy Valentine's Day! >^_^< Orders close Feb. 28th on all things Hearts and Sugary Sweets! Be sure to get yours before they're all gone <3

January 2015

-01/21 Ermagherd we have Captured Dice Dangley Earrings and Personalized Initial Charms in stock! I'm so excited about the new baubles >^_^< Awesome! *happy dance*

-01/17 Personalized Initial Charms will be live as soon as I do a few tests and make sure it's easy to order.

-01/05 Happy New Year! >^_^< Now through January 11th at Society 6 there's FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Woo! 

December 2014

-12/29 Happy New Year! Thank you for all your encouragement! This has been an amazing year. <3 I love seeing my work go to new homes-- it's a wonderful feeling.

I'll be back in January 2015 with new baubles! Until then keep warm and know I'm sending you many many good thoughts *Vreeeem!*

-12/23  Hello! Orders made between Dec. 23rd and 26th will be processed and mailed out by Dec. 29th. Have a wonderful holiday!

-12/12  Would you like prints? Society6 Holiday Promo ends tomorrow-- $5 off and FREE worldwide shipping!

All December items have been listed and are ready to ship from here and etsy! :) Please order by Dec. 15th to ensure delivery for Christmas.

-12/07  Hello! Over at Society6 there is Free Worldwide Shipping today! Woo! So head on over to  Society 6 and pick up the NEW Hooterbottom Owls and Sugarbean & Jellybean!

-12/02  Thank you for visiting! <3 Use code: SUGARBEAN for 20% off your purchase of $20 or more!

November 2014

-11/29  Thank you for visiting! <3 NOW until Dec. 01, 2014: Use code: THANKYOU2014 for 20% off your purchase of $10 or more!

Please be sure to order by Dec. 10th to ensure delivery of Holiday Gifts.

-11/15  Sugar Bean's on her way and she's bringing her adorable friend Jelly Bean!  Hooterbottom Owls are flying in too-- please visit WLM Facebook Page for peeks at how they're all coming along. There will be new pics up within the hour.

Thanks for visiting! >^__^<

-11/02  Hello!  From now until Nov. 9th at Society6 we have FREE shipping & $5 off everything in the print shop!  Awesome!

October 2014

-10/31  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  >^__^<

-10/27  Sewing projects are done for the year.  I'm going to focus on getting some drawing done and some sweet stocking stuffers ready for the holidays. 

-10/21  Happy Halloween!  20OFF20 Etsy Promo Code good until 11/02/2014  YAY!  >^_^<

I forgot to add the code for here!  20FOR20  Same deal as the etsy-- spend $20 and receive 20% off your order.  >^__^<  Happy Halloween!

-10/15 Hooterbottom Owls and Sugar Cookie Stocking Stuffers are on track & Sugar Bean will return in adorable winter wear soon!

Now back to sewing... 

-10/09  Yay October!  Here in California it still feels like summer so it's been hard to get in "Autumn Mode" and finish my Hooterbottom Owls for you.  They'll be flying in for November and staying through the New Year.

Hope you're having a great October-- are you dressing up for Halloween?  I've been thinking about it.  But first I have 2 more plushes to finish.  I'll be posting update pics on WLM facebook so come join us and let me know what you think.  :)

September 2014

-09/30  Hello!  For the Autumn and Winter Holidays we'll be expanding the sites to include the spooky WLM Jack O'Lantern line by Jack and the adorable chibi WLM Sugar Cookie Stocking Stuffer line.  Come check out the teaser pics on the WLM facebook.

-09/05  NEW Autumn releases coming on the 13th.  Jack has drawn an amazing Halloween Jack O'Lantern and after I'm done cutting out plushies I'll be putting the final touches on Owls. 

The last two days I've been cutting out plushies in furry materials.  I think the fluff has gotten caught in my eyelashes.  The fuzzy fabrics look adorable but I don't know if I'll use them again after this.  lol!

Come visit us over at the facebook for in-progress picture updates.  We try to post everyday.  >^__^<

August 2014

-Congratulations Kasey and Jessica!  Amazing-- we went from 164 FB Fans to 213 in the last 2 days!  Many thanks to Crow for helping get the numbers up  <3  NEXT CONTEST WILL BE WHEN WE HIT 300 FANS!

July 2014

-07/31 LAST day to enter to win OOAK Plushie or Goodie Bag on Facebook!  Good luck to those who entered!

-To celebrate passing 150 likes at the WLM Facebook we are having a Give-away! Head on over to and celebrate with us. >^__^<

-We are currently building an all-in-one website & we're sorry it's taking longer than we expected it to.  Please utilize the LINKS! section to see more than the 5 awesome items we showcase here. 

-June 2014

-The majority of our stock has been moved back to WellLovedMemories (etsy) while we work on our new website.  I'm so excited to be so close to having the site I want!  >^__^<